Roasting Equipment

428 Roasters designs and builds fluid-bed coffee roasters as well as a variety of other roasting equipment. Currently we offer two sizes of roasters, a 15 kg (35 lb) and a 35 kg (75 lb). To see some examples of our past work please visit our blog. No matter what roaster we end up building for you, here is a list of innovations and advantages included on every Heis roaster.

  1. Blower and burner control to allow for complete control over the roasting parameters.
  2. Inlet-air temperature and bean temperature indicators to provide accurate and consistent roast results.
  3. Manual or automatic control systems.
  4. Software that allows you to graph the temperature vs. time of both the bean temperature and the inlet-air temperature.
  5. Inlet-air velocity indicator that is the most accurate way to get consistent roasts.
  6. Fully enclosed roast chamber ensuring temperatures within the roaster are consistent.
  7. A more efficient roast chamber design. Designed specifically to deal with the natural flow conditions that exist within a fluid-bed roaster.
  8. Dramatically decreased noise from inside of the roaster.
  9. Stainless steel construction provides increased heat retention and ultimately efficiency.
  10. There is only one moving part (the blower) so your long-term maintenance costs are lower with our machines.
  11. Easy to install.
  12. Easy to learn to roast on.

428 Roasters manufactures other equipment as well, such as destoners, after-burners and green bean hoppers.

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