Q: Can I vary the length of my roast time?
A: Yes, with the controls that come on all 428 Roasters models you can vary the roast time to virtually anytime that you want.


Q: Can I vary the batch size of your roasters?
A: Yes, you can easily vary the batch size by up to half the rated value.


Q: Will varying the batch size change the quality of the roast?
A: No, you will get the same quality roast as long as you stay within the roasters rated range.


Q: Is it difficult to find spare parts?
A: No, in the unlikely event that a part breaks down all the parts are available from local or national suppliers. 428 Roasters also carries spare parts for most of the parts on our roasters.


Q: Can I get a 428 Roaster without the controls?
A: No, we at 428 Roasters believe that to roast high quality coffee there is a minimum amount of control that you must have over your roast parameters and our roasters come standard with those controls.


Q: What size roasters does 428 Roasters offer?
A: At this time we offer two sizes, a 15 kg (35 lb) and a 35 kg (75 lb).

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