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Stop this gas train, I want to get off!

The burner showed up on Friday. It was our first part to arrive; very exciting stuff. Well, it was exciting until we opened the box to find that the gas train had not been assembled.… Read More

When it comes to building a roaster, it pays to keep an open line of communication.

The only problem that I have with the stainless work so far is the roast bean door. This part is composed of a front, a back, and two spacers that are the same width as… Read More

Everything is looking great, but it pays to stay fluid

We made our usual stop by the sheet metal company this morning and found our roast chamber top, complete with green bean inlet gate, completed. Just like the roast chamber body it looks amazing. All… Read More

A little behind schedule, but definitely on track

It’s been a very productive first couple of weeks, unfortunately after checking my schedule, at the end of this first two weeks I have found that the project is a little behind where I would… Read More

Proof that I am actually building a roaster

The burner has been ordered, which means that all the major parts have been ordered and are on their way, or in the case of the sheet metal, are under construction. I stopped by the… Read More

The heat is on! Or it will be when the burner arrives.

We have finally found what we believe is our ideal burner. We thought we would able to order it last week, but we decided to first contact the local inspector to make sure the burner… Read More

Week 2…

This roaster is slowly but surely coming together. It seems my strategy of threatening the sheet metal shop with stopping by all the time is working already and I haven’t even had time to really… Read More

The cooling tray!

Our first part is done, what a beautiful sight. There are a couple minor things that still need to be done, but I am pretty happy with it.

When the sheet metal people said they started: Tuesday. When they actually started: they haven’t!

As you can imagine I am a little frustrated with the sheet metal people, but it was a very productive day nevertheless. Spent half of the day on Skype with my business partner back in… Read More

I have gas problems! Yep you read that right, gas problems!

I have learned that the roastery doesn’t have enough pressure in the natural gas line to properly run the burner. I was originally told by the burner supplier that everything checked out, but when we… Read More

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Stainless vs. mild steel, the throw down.

Where to start, where to start.  There are so many different aspects of these two metals that we could talk about but so we don’t bore anyone by making the article 20 pages we will (try)… Read More

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New green bean bin design.

Just a couple pictures of a green-bean bin we designed and built for a client. The viewing window in the front is an easy way to measure the volume of the green. We can add… Read More

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The Fluid-Bed Advantage

The most efficient and accurate way to roast, fluid-bed involves almost no moving parts or maintenance. We're constantly in the lab engineering better technologies to integrate into our roasting systems.

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History of Coffee Roasting

Legend has it that goats were the first to discover the joys of coffee, only they--and then the Galla tribe in Ethiopa tending them--chewed the green berries raw….

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Not Just Coffee

Coffee beans are not the only product that can be roasters on a fluid-bed system. All sorts of beans (think cocoa) can roast to perfection, as well as nuts, seeds, and even grains.

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