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Wating, waiting, waiting, but we are so close!

Most of the day was spent waiting for the last service people to show up, and everything else is done. Of course when they did finally show up they showed up at the same time.… Read More

The first big mistake, but still on track.

Things seemed to be going a little too smoothly, until I blew up a temperature controller. For future reference you cannot wire a device designed for 240 V across 415 V. It will explode. We… Read More

All the last minute details.

Busy, busy, busy! We spent the day juggling the sheet metal company, the builder cutting the hole for the exhaust ducting, and the electricians; waiting for the gas company (they never showed up), finishing the… Read More

Everything is coming along nicely, although I may need to work over the weekend.

Most of today was spent perfecting the layout and assembling the main parts of the roaster. As I mentioned in one of my earlier entries, I had already drawn the layout in a CAD program,… Read More

A quick review of the layout and a quick check with a Multimeter.

Today was spent making slight changes to the layout of the control panel to make sure that everything is going to fit before we bolted it in. The space isn’t always that crucial but we… Read More

Great progress and a minor setback.

We picked up all of the parts of the roaster today, except the combustion chamber, and dropped them off at the roastery. We had to pick up a few other parts, so we didn’t get… Read More

Short but very sweet!

Not much to report today; most of the day was spent running around or on the phone tracking down the last of our parts. I went to the sheet metal company to take an inventory… Read More

The blower, revisited.

I am not sure I have ever been happier with a supplier than I am with the company that supplied our blower. They are incredibly helpful and accommodating. Even now after the blower has been… Read More

The blower has entered the building.

With the blower now here, and the burner having arrived last Friday, all we need now are the stainless parts and we can start assembling everything. I was just at the sheet metal company and… Read More

The potentiometer, the missing control.

A potentiometer is basically a device that varies the voltage of a circuit and by doing so can act as a control for an electric device, in our case a motor on an electronic gas… Read More

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Stainless vs. mild steel, the throw down.

Where to start, where to start.  There are so many different aspects of these two metals that we could talk about but so we don’t bore anyone by making the article 20 pages we will (try)… Read More

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New green bean bin design.

Just a couple pictures of a green-bean bin we designed and built for a client. The viewing window in the front is an easy way to measure the volume of the green. We can add… Read More

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The Fluid-Bed Advantage

The most efficient and accurate way to roast, fluid-bed involves almost no moving parts or maintenance. We're constantly in the lab engineering better technologies to integrate into our roasting systems.

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History of Coffee Roasting

Legend has it that goats were the first to discover the joys of coffee, only they--and then the Galla tribe in Ethiopa tending them--chewed the green berries raw….

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Not Just Coffee

Coffee beans are not the only product that can be roasters on a fluid-bed system. All sorts of beans (think cocoa) can roast to perfection, as well as nuts, seeds, and even grains.

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