428 Roaster Schematics

Designing and manufacturing the most advanced and efficient roasting equipment.

Getting the best flavor and highest quality out of every roast is already a complex process. We have developed equipment that takes the guesswork out of roasting. Our roasters come standard with extremely accurate and precise controls that are both easy to learn to use and easy to operate.

428 Roaster’s advantages:

Consistent and repeatable roasts: Whether you are a new roaster or have been in the industry for years, with the controls on our roasters it is easy to get a consistent roast every time.

Highest-quality roasts and best-tasting products: By allowing you complete control over all the roast parameters you can create any flavor profile.

More predictable and uniform roasts: Fluid-bed roasters use convective heat transfer from air rather than conductive heat transfer from the sides of a hot drum. The air provides a uniform source of heat the surrounds the bean. Once the heat is turned up or down there is an immediate response in the beans. In a drum you have to wait for the large mass of hot metal to cool down or heat up first.

High level of control: Our roasters come standard with temperature and time controls as well as an inlet-air pressure indicator. Combined, these controls offer the most accurate readings inside the roast chamber. Our roasters also come standard with software that graphs the time and temperature of your roasts so you can keep track of every roast.

Efficiency: The fluid-bed process uses highly efficient convective heat transfer between the air and your product. On top of the fluid-bed’s natural efficiency, our roast chambers have been specifically designed to maximize the burner and blower efficiency that will lead to savings for you.

Highest-quality parts and materials: Our roasters are manufactured using the highest-quality materials to ensure that your roasters will run for years and cut down on maintenance costs.

Versatility: Our roasting systems can be configured to roast a variety of products such as nuts, cocoa and grains. Visit our “Not Just Coffee” page or feel free to contact us with any questions.

Whether you are just starting out or have been in the industry for years, please contact us for additional information about our products, general questions about fluid-bed technology or a quote.



The Fluid-Bed Advantage

The most efficient and accurate way to roast, fluid-bed involves almost no moving parts or maintenance. We're constantly in the lab engineering better technologies to integrate into our roasting systems.

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History of Coffee Roasting

Legend has it that goats were the first to discover the joys of coffee, only they--and then the Galla tribe in Ethiopa tending them--chewed the green berries raw….

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Not Just Coffee

Coffee beans are not the only product that can be roasters on a fluid-bed system. All sorts of beans (think cocoa) can roast to perfection, as well as nuts, seeds, and even grains.

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